Have your chill (& eat it two)

Yum! Just arrived from the indomitable pete spence and Donnithorne Street Press a new two issue mag (this the first of) inspired by the naming-genie Tom Weigel… “a variety of writing no Schools predominating”, or “Writing beneath breath’s turmoil” as Robbie Coburn puts it.


In great company here with Pointillists, Poets, Philosophers and Painters, I am privileged to contribute my dreams of Philip Guston’s courtrooms and Van Gogh’s irises; rich in references, cultural and personal.

“What is the day like?” asks Shevaun Cooley, and answers, “Like the dry throat at times, and at/ times, a drowning.”

“after all what is a life?” asks John Landry, and answers, “a ribbon around a bomb.”

And Tom Weigel: “Are you comfortable with/ Your existing options/ Time waits for no scam or does it”

So many great lines!!! Too many to mention here. Try getting a copy from pete 🙂

In the pic above, Denis Smith’s sumi-e cats, and Charles Bernstein’s ‘My Father Would Be a Yarn Salesman’, featuring Sappho, Lao Tse, Buddha, Holbein, Bronzino, Wyatt,m Laurence Sterne, Thomas Grey, Christina Rossetti, amongst others.

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