following in the footsteps…


Inspired by Sacred Trespasses post ‘Reading Plan(s) for the New Year’, I thought I’d share the tip of the iceberg… My reading plan: get through the leftovers from last year!

Not to mention, last year’s unacknowledged, but gratefully and delightedly received chapbooks and small press publications.

From antiquarian bookseller Nicholas Pounder‘s private Polar Bear Press, the superb The Handwriting of Marianne Moore by Peter Minter (2016); in imitation of a record single, West End Blues (for Carl) by Pam Brown (2014); and a broadsheet foldout for A Picture by Ken Bolton (2009).

From Pete Spence‘s New York sojourn, a Red Duck (Accent Editions, 2016), an Elephant (November 2016), an albatross or two, a stray feather, and a ‘Breeze’… or a ‘Mexican Wave!’ as the case may be.


Last but not least, the formidable Oz Burp 3 from Donnithorne Street Press, with 3 poems by yours truly, 1 of which I actually quite like: ‘Nine Variations on the Book of Changes’…

着手  Start / embark

predestined breath divides
allow once, never twice

pitch black
wave shallow hand

空間  The void / space

dense clouds overhead
provide cover
deny regret

below forgive
years since
leap into unknown

時間  Time / repetition

over and above (beyond the pale)
dislocated rumble
resist temptation to explode

hollow cut underground
ringed in metaphor
like trees

間  Between / time and space

above ground
rebuild walls
relinquish claim, hide

between, legless and armless
instant dread
hit water

門  The gate / opening

advance ahead
the ideal script
wrong fit

circle behind
cut through limestone
gate opens

余白  Margin / blank space

family framed in the margins
fill the eye
film and see

revenge below
珍糞漢          (type-writer error:
gobbledygook, babble, gibberish)

白  White / the void

the container fills
and empties

the gate closes

survival depends

末  End / close

ghosts above
demand tribute
emphatically metaphoric

ghosts below
pay tribute
conclude emphatically



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