winging in from FLUXUS ZONE DUE SOUTH

a pete spence card from that far-east FLUXUS ZONE and the POLARTIS I’ve been waiting for… thanks pete!! ‘A fair ten years since the last POLARTIS,’ says pete, ‘hope it reads as a nice idea.’ Indeed! indeed!

With cover-cat by Denis Smith, and on one of my favourite spreads a small ‘1’ by Petra Schulze-Wollgast (Germany), a possible ‘feature’ by Derek Beaulieu (Canada), who also features on the back cover, and something from Sydney by Philip Hall.

My contribution… written in CAPITALS
inspired by George Maciunas and Jonas Mekas (& Chris Marker)

He sits at the kitchen table and shovels food into his mouth
whatever Mama sets before him not looking
mind ablaze with possibilities

in CAPITALS                     thinks
a godalmighty REVOLUTIONARY raging inferno
diagonal flash across the sky
and his whole life changes                          (his name in English like
a man with his leg chopped off)
He can’t get enough

The Revelation
His generation are The Greatest Artists of NOW!
And this Spektaklis will be SPECTACULAR and they will write his name
He carries the firebrand of course it’s him
dark-dark and he runs and the flame ingnites poof poof poof                     and La Jetée
poooOOF! bonfires music guitars and Kumbaya hahaha!
the sound of an alchemical conflagration film of
He administers slashes (scars scratches)
HERE I AM he says

Later, much later… a pastoral interlude

The Family Reunion
He films
the stocky bowlegged peasant feeding chooks kukuliū kukuliū
scarf-framed face as wrinkled as last season’s apples
his Mama—what happened?

*kukuliū (koo-koo-liew) is the sound of a Lithuanian chicken


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