Ratas goes to fortyfive downstairs


CANZONE: Music as Storytelling
The expressive gestures of May Lou Jelbart, artistic director of fortyfive downstairs, in conversation with Angela Cavalieri, artist of print, paint and word, and Sonya Lifschitz, pianist and director of innovative ensemble Press, Play.

IMG_4090 IMG_4092


Angela’s large-scale print-paintings sing from the walls, a Tower of Babel of ancient monuments, aqueducts and ruins. Angela explores her Calabrian-Italian heritage, but I am reminded of southern France – the Pont du Gard, the Arena of Nîmes, the Maison Carrée – and the human proportions of the Roman legacy.

Inspired by the music and lyrics of Monteverdi’s madrigals and operas, Angela’s ekphrastic text-monuments will be matched in a series of performances by Press, Play, who also take Monteverdi as a point from which to explore four centuries of composition. Ratas is very excited about the Melbourne Festival program… more later, to be sure!


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